Auto Glass Damages: Causes and Prevention

Do you know why cracks and fractures suddenly appear on your windshield? Here are the top five reasons behind auto glass damages and preventive measures.


Poor Installation

You’re wondering why your newly installed windshield has already cracks and scratches on it and where you’ve got it since you have not driven your car to other places. Those cracks and scratches can be a cause of poor windshield installation. Newly installed windshields easily break because of high levels of vibration that your car produce when driving. If you have not seen these damages after the installation process, it is because there is no vibration or movement that will cause it to break. Hence, you will only see those cracks after driving the car. Poor windshield installation is a cause of unskilled automotive technicians. Thus, when you ask for an auto glass repair or replacement, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable service provider and an expert in windshield installation. Also, make use of the warranty you get from installing your windshield to avoid wasting more money.

Driving around a Construction Area

Driving close to a construction area where dust and small rocks are all around the place can cause damage to your car. Small chips of rocks can fly unto your windshield creating cracks or scratches, especially when driving at a high speed. Therefore, as much as possible avoid driving such area and if you could not help it, drive at a low speed.

Changes in Temperature

Drastic temperature changes can highly affect your windshield creating cracks on its surface. Cold temperature causes the glass to contract and higher temperature makes it expand which is the reason why it cracks. Thus, keep your car safe on the garage where it is protected from snow, hail or extreme heat from the sun.

Changes in Pressure

Automotive glass is designed to fight pressure. However, rapid changes in pressure while driving can lead to fractures appearing on your windshield. This often happens when you are driving at a very high speed, especially if your car is not fit for racing. Remember to always drive at an average speed.


If you are planning to replace your windshield because of its damage, make sure that the auto glass repair service you deal with has high-quality automotive glass. Look for FMVSS certification to guarantee that their products follow the standards of authority. A low-quality auto glass is prone to breaking. Thus, you are not only wasting your money but also forsaking the safety of your family. The Suwanee Auto Glass Network is one of the leading commercial auto glass company in Suwanee, GA. You can contact us today to solve your windshield problem.