Different Kinds of Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

Winter is coming and aside from the usual family gathering and reunions, there are more reasons as to why you should be prepared. This is the season to go all out in decorating our homes to welcome the Christmas season. But this season is not all about being merry. Let us not forget the unwanted guests; the pests.

This season is one of the most unwanted seasons amongst pests. It is cold and wet. This is the time when rodents, cockroaches, termites, and many more resides under our couches, beds, and every corner in our home; this is to avoid the extreme weather condition.  Us humans, we seek refuge to the place where we feel most safe and far from external dangers. Pests are just like us; they seek shelter in order to save themselves.

What are the most common pests that are most likely to visit you in this cold season?

  1. Bed Bugs: As the name implies, this bug is commonly found on one’s bed. Bed bugs are very small that sometimes it can’t be easily seen. This survives by feeding on one’s blood by piercing your skin.
  2.  Cockroaches: These little pests usually linger in the kitchen where food is always present. Cockroaches are most attracted to dirty environment and they eat literally anything; from food to trash.
  3. Rodents: Considered as one of the most harmful pest, rodents are a risk to one’s health as they usually spread diseases. They usually chew on wires and get into the food areas.
  4. Termites: Commonly mistaken as ants although it is often called as white ants due to its appearance; they can cause damage to buildings and crops.
  5. Ants: These little buggers are attracted to foods of all kinds. Ants travels as a group and is commonly seen where foods are present.
  6. Silverfish: Known to be attracted to carbohydrates, these pests can damage many things. Aside from the cereals and sugar that you store in your pantry, it can also damage the books and book bindings in one’s shelves, wallpaper, and also clothes.

These pests can disrupt the peaceful and happy home that one wants to have during the cold winter season. So, in order to avoid being visited by the unwanted guests seek help from the professionals. One of the leading companies that can help you with these problems is the Pest Control Sydney. Give them a call for more information.