Facts About the Handbag Edge Repair Company

Most women around the world cannot go to the office, bar, mall, and any other places without their handbags. They are products wherein they put their important, daily paraphernalia like lipsticks, wallets, and mobile phones. However, as similar to any other products sold in the market, handbags are prone to wear and tear, especially when stored for a long period of time and when used regularly. Such is true even for the most expensive brands. A common handbag damage that women encounter is the coming off of the handbag edge stitch. That is because such is the area that is commonly exposed to friction. The problem is that most women attempt to fix it themselves and others just ignore it and throw their bags away or just leave it inside their cabinets or storage rooms. Such actions are being made because having such fixed is often expensive and there are only a few companies that do such repairs.


The good news is that there is already a good online handbag edge repair company, called Hand Bag Edge Repair.com, which only charges a fee ranging from $25 to $75. What is better is that the amount paid already includes the return-shipping fee. Additionally, such also includes a two-year warranty card that can be used by the customers when the stitch comes off again or when any other problems occur. As an overview, the handbag edge repair in waukeshawi services of the company is available for any types of designer bags. The good thing is that the experts will be using a material similar to the one used in the bag that is being repaired. Apart from such, the customers can also choose to have the handbag edging customized to their liking. They can do such by choosing from the 100 different stitch colors, as well as multiple textures available in the company.

When it comes to the waiting period for the handbag edge to be repaired, the customer only needs to wait from one to two weeks. Such will depend on the amount of work to be done, as well as to the availability of the material to be used. Another good thing about the company is that the process is very simple. The clients just need to download and fill out the repair form on the website. After which, they just have to send such together with the bag that needs repair. After receipt of such, a representative will be calling or emailing the client to discuss the repair procedure and processing time. Upon agreement and approval, the company will send the customer an invoice.

As per payment options, people can use their PayPal accounts or credit cards. Such payment should be done once the company sends the invoice to the customer. However, in situations wherein the clients decide that they no longer want to avail the repair services, they will be charged with $10. Nevertheless, if the experts of the company see that the bag can no longer be repaired, the company will ship it bag without any charges.