Do You Know About Compounding Pharma?

Compounding pharmacy has gained very high popularity in recent years and that has led increased interest if people in it but not many people know much about it. Licensed pharmacists create unique medicines that are tailored to meet the needs of individuals by combining several drug molecules and this technique is known as compounding. This boon for those patients who cannot find the exact formulation in any of the commercially manufactured drugs or their drug has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Medical compounding is also beneficial in following cases:


  • For customizing the dosage of drug for patients. In absence of compounding, patients were forced to take drugs that were available with standard configuration. This sometimes led to over medication and at other times to under medication. Compounding pharmacy has led to creation of drugs with exact dosage requirement.
  • Unpleasant smell and taste of drug is another big problem when it comes to medicines for children and pets. Almost all the drugs available in the market are very untasteful and therefore children do not like taking them. This situation can be overcome by selectively eliminating those molecules that cause the bad taste.
  • Many standard medicines have some unwanted components such as gluten, sugar, etc. They are big problem for people are either allergic to them or want to avoid taking them because of some medical condition such diabetes. Pharma compounding is very helpful in removing those elements from medicines.
  • Pharma compounding can also help in altering the form of medicines such as from solid to liquid or from liquid to solid.

Many people often confuse between traditional drug manufacturing and pharma compounding because these two differ very from each other in only one way. Conventional drugs are usually mass produced and this is the reason why whenever there is a dip in buyers of that medicine, the drug manufacturers usually stop manufacturing the drug. Medical compounding is of tremendous help in such situation. According to a Florida pharmacy, around 60% of the cases received by them belong to the category in which the patient has requested for manufacturing of drug that has been discontinued by a scheduled drug manufacturer citing unprofitability. Compounding pharma is controlled very tightly by state pharma boards and only licensed drug manufacturers can alter drug formulations. If you have not tried drug compounding till now and at the same time you are facing problem with your drug then you should definitely give it a try.