Tasty Peruvian Dishes

There is no doubt that the Peruvian dishes are making its way to the top of worth tasting menus. The Peruvian cuisine is known for the richness of its choices as well as the flavors. The dishes featured in Peruvian cuisine go way back, but nevertheless, they are as tasty as they can be. LomoSaltado is considered to be the first dish that would come to mind the moment a person would hear about Peruvian cuisine. Basically, you would know a dish is Peruvian if it is characterized by spices, traditional maize, and most importantly, potatoes.


As mentioned, the most common and popular Peruvian dish is the LomoSaltado. It is said to be highly recommended for those who are on a diet but would still want to have something very tasty for their appetite. The LomoSaltado is basically a steak that has fried fries and vegetables. It is also cooked with soy sauce, garlic, and tomatoes. The cooking is served on rice. Some chips or vegetable salad would be a good pair to the dish. Wherever restaurant you are going to eat, as long as they serve Peruvian dishes, you are sure to have LomoSaltado.

Ceviche is another dish that would help complete Peruvian cuisines. A Ceviche is basically a white fish, most commonly a sea bass that is marinated with the use of citrus juice with onions. The dish is normally served with corns and it is more or less the same with the Tiradito, but the fish is cut in strips for this particular one.

The Peruvian dishes are not only for those who like their food tasty and filled with spices. This particular cuisine likewise serves something really good for those who love sweet foods. Some of the Peruvian desserts that are highly recommended for those with sweet tooth are Mazamorra, Picarones, and Lucuma. You surely would want to try these desserts at least once in your lifetime.

The popularity of the Peruvian dishes has reached lots of countries all over the world. There are numerous restaurants established for the main purpose of giving citizens the chance to taste a wide variety of Peruvian dishes and speak for themselves the goodness of the cuisine. As a start, you might want to start with the Peruvian Food Orange County and other similar eating facilities.

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