Things You Need to Know About Windshield Replacement

A windshield repair is not something that you do every day. Hence, it follows that you have a little knowledge about it, unless you are the repair guy yourself. Here are some facts you need to know:


  • Not all windshield repairs are done properly.

Around 70% to 80% of windshield repairs are not done right.

  • Roof’s structural integrity relies on the windshield.

Around 40% to 70% of the structural integrity of the car’s roof can be caused by issues relating to the windshield.

  • Windshield provides protection during road accidents

Statistics shows that mortality in road accidents is caused by rollovers by around 30-40%. But a strong windshield will prevent your ejection from the vehicle during any road mishap.

  • The windshield deploys airbags during accidents.

Airbags can only be released during emergency once the windshield causes it to deploy on impact. That is why; there will be incorrect deployment of airbags on the passenger side when the accident resulted to windshield detachment.

What happens with cracked windshields?

  • Obstructs the driver’s view

A crack on the windshield will obstruct the driver’s vision while driving on the road. Aside from impeding your vision, it will also cause the light to reflect to your eyes.

  • Windshields will have lesser strength.

If you look at the construction of windshields, you will learn that it is made of two glass pieces with vinyl resin layer in between. Once this part is cracked, the windshield can no longer survive more impact.

Windshield repair and replacement

Repair can be possible but it must only be done by an expert to prevent further damage. However, when it comes to chips or cracks that are too deep, replacement will be needed.

Meanwhile, if repair will not suffice and replacement is needed, the procedure has to be done right. Proper installation will ensure safety of the driver and its passengers. If the installation was not done right, this can cause the windshield to pop out during road accident. Other safety issues will include roof collapse and many more.

During windshield replacement, a rubberized weather stripping needs to be used. It is needed for the glass to stay in place. The exterior trim must also be removed while adhesive application on the frame’s edge. Once done, you can then lift the glass and put it into place. Click Here if you need help with the windshield installation. After all, it pays to have an expert with you when it comes to this matter.